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Ethnic Cookbooks - Turkish

Cooking the Turkish Way
"If you were to travel through Turkey, sampling food along the way, you would be savoring a unique and rich cuisine that has beenranked among some of the best cooking in the world. And youwould be tasting a bit of Turkish history. Along the coast of theAegean Sea, for example, olives and seafoodófoods commonly associated with Greek cuisineóare popular. Around 900  B.C., Greeks inhabited this coast, where they established the settlementsof Ephesus, Miletus, and Troy. The newcomers brought along the traditions of their homeland, including favorite recipes. Head eastward along the Mediterranean Sea and food begins to take on the flavors of the Middle East. Dishes such as kebabs (chunks of lamb, beef, or chicken roasted on skewers), hummus(pureed
chickpeas, sesame paste, and garlic dip), kisir (small patties made from bulgur, parsley, and spicy tomato paste), and muhammara (a spicy red pepper and nut spread) become more prominent. During the time of the Turkish Ottoman Empire (1453n1909), Turks ruled all or parts of modern-day Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. They also ruled parts of many other countries, such as Russia and Hungary."

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