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Ethnic Cookbooks - Brasilian

Cooking the Brasilian Way
"The South American country of Brazil is famous for its lively Carnaval celebrations and for the infectious beat of the samba, a bouncy Brazilian music and dance style that has African roots. The land itself is filled with natural beauty, from the glistening miles of sandy beaches to the green depths of the rain forests of the Amazon Basin, the region bordering the Amazon River. The people of Brazil are a varied and vibrant blend of indigenous (native), European, African, and immigrant heritages. This remarkable diversity gives Brazil another great treasureóits tantalizing cuisine, which is flavored with fiery spices and tropical ingredients. The first Brazilians used the landís native ingredients, such as black beans, squash, and the root vegetable manioc (cassava), to create hearty and nutritious dishes. European settlers brought their own tastes to the countryís
kitchens, introducing rice entrEes and sugary desserts. African slaves later contributed coconut milk, palm oil, and hot peppersóingredi-ents in the popular dish xinxim, a rich chicken and peanut stew. In modern Brazil, cooks continue to draw on these varied influences to serve up a delicious cuisine that is uniquely Brazilian." (5.42MB)

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